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Scholars, authors, museum professionals, artists, and students are invited to use the archives for a wide range of projects including books, bibliographies, films, and dissertations focusing on photography as well as cultural studies, environmental history, music, and many other areas.

Archives and manuscripts are accessed through the Laura Volkerding Study Center. For assistance with research questions about the Center’s collections, please contact Alexis Peregoy

Educators: please visit our Learn page for options about our photographic education opportunities and LENS initiative. 

Please note: 

In the interest of the health and welfare of our patrons, staff, faculty, and students, the Center will be closed effective immediately until further notice. This includes our galleries as well as our programs, events, and research spaces. We believe this is a responsible and ethical step, and while it is disappointing to cancel events, we look forward to coming together again as a community when the time is right.


List of archival collections

Finding Aids

Detailed descriptions of all of the Center's archival collections. 

Searching tip: search across all of the Center’s finding aids by using the search box in the top right corner of this page, and enter the last name (or gallery name) of the collection you are searching for and the term “finding aid.” For example, searching for “weston finding aid” will result in a list including Edward Weston’s finding aids, Brett Weston’s finding aids, and other related finding aids. A search for “weston” will find all of the collections containing information about Weston.

Finding Aids

Name Arizona Archives Onlinesort descending Finding Aid PDF
Pacific Press Service Collection ag141_pacific_press.pdf
Robert Heinecken ag45_heinecken.pdf
Edward S. Curtis ag7_curtis.pdf
Gene and Dorothy Gruver ag239_gruver.pdf
Alma Lavenson ag212_lavenson.pdf
Miscellaneous Artwork Collection ag21_misc_artwork.pdf
Gordon Bennett ag253_bennett.pdf
Ralph Steiner miscellaneous ag142_steiner_misc.pdf
Richard Avedon ag89_avedon.pdf
Dean Brown ag18_dbrown.pdf
George and Grace Schaub ag241_schaub.pdf
Carl Chiarenza ag87_chiarenza.pdf
Richard Dick McGraw ag59_r_mcgraw.pdf
McGraw Colorgraph Company ag22_mcgraw_colorgraph.pdf
Louise Dahl-Wolfe miscellaneous ag153_dahlwolfe_misc.pdf
Ralph Gibson ag37_gibson.pdf
Ylla ag138_ylla.pdf
Brett Weston ag143_bweston.pdf
Etherton Gallery ag243_etherton_gallery.pdf
Joan Liftin ag262_liftin.pdf
ESPEJO Project ag81_espejo.pdf
George A. Tice ag63_tice.pdf
Wayne Miller ag199_miller.pdf
Charles Traub ag249traub.pdf
Paul Strand ag17_strand.pdf
Ansel Adams ag31_adams.pdf
Joe Deal ag229_deal.pdf
Kenneth J. Botto ag244_botto.pdf
Rosalie (Rollie) Thorne McKenna ag228_mckenna.pdf
Andreas Feininger ag53_feininger.pdf
Charles "Teenie" Harris ag246_harris.pdf
A. D. Coleman ag20_coleman.pdf
Danny Lyon ag161_lyon.pdf
Barbara Morgan ag95_morgan.pdf
Frederick Sommer miscellaneous ag36_sommer_misc.pdf
Dody Weston Thompson ag258_thompson.pdf
Doris Ulmann ag84_ulmann.pdf
Josef Breitenbach miscellaneous ag167_breitenbach_misc.pdf
Aaron Siskind ag30_siskind.pdf
Brett Weston Miscellaneous Acquisitions ag247_bweston_misc.pdf
Charles Morris ag116_cmorris.pdf
Johan Hagemeyer and Edward Weston ag5_westonhagemeyer.pdf
Reginald Heron ag252_heron.pdf
Max Yavno ag136_yavno.pdf
Henry Holmes Smith ag32_hhsmith.pdf
Adolf Fassbender ag168_fassbender.pdf
Helen Gee / Limelight Gallery Miscellaneous Acquisitions ag248_gee_limelight_misc.pdf
John G. Morris ag127_jmorris.pdf
Edward Weston and Johan Hagemeyer ag5_westonhagemeyer.pdf
Louie Palú ag261_palu.pdf


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