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Scholars, authors, museum professionals, artists, and students are invited to use the archives for a wide range of projects including books, bibliographies, films, and dissertations focusing on photography as well as cultural studies, environmental history, music, and many other areas.

Archives and manuscripts are accessed through the Laura Volkerding Study Center. For assistance with reference questions about the Center’s collections, or to make an appointment to visit our collections in person, please contact Alexis Peregoy. Hours are 10AM – 4PM, Monday-Friday. 

Educators: please visit our Education page for options about our photographic education opportunities and LENS initiative. 

Please note: the Laura Volkerding Study Center will be closed November 28-29, 2019; December 23, 2019-January 3, 2020; January 17-20, 2020. 

Fine Print viewing will be unavailable from May 15 - July 15, 2020. The CCP Archives will be avaible for research during this time, but if you need to look at items from the fine print collection, please arrange your visit during other times of the year.


List of archival collections

Finding Aids

Detailed descriptions of all of the Center's archival collections. 

Searching tip: search across all of the Center’s finding aids by using the search box in the top right corner of this page, and enter the last name (or gallery name) of the collection you are searching for and the term “finding aid.” For example, searching for “weston finding aid” will result in a list including Edward Weston’s finding aids, Brett Weston’s finding aids, and other related finding aids. A search for “weston” will find all of the collections containing information about Weston.

Finding Aids

Namesort descending Arizona Archives Online Finding Aid PDF
3 Works ag160_3works.pdf
Big Bend Photo Club ag16_bigbendphotoclub.pdf
Blue Sky Gallery ag207_blue_sky_gallery.pdf
Book Production Materials Collection ag219_book_prod.pdf
Center for Creative Photography ag1_ccp.pdf
Clarence Kennedy Gallery ag34_caponigro.pdf
Clatworthy Colorvues Collection ag12_clatworthy.pdf
Creative Eye Photo Gallery ag39_creativeeye.pdf
ESPEJO Project ag81_espejo.pdf
Etherton Gallery ag243_etherton_gallery.pdf
Fraenkel Gallery ag163_fraenkel.pdf
Friends of Photography ag186_friendsofphoto.pdf
G. Ray Hawkins Gallery ag64_g_ray_hawkins.pdf
Indivisible Project ag187_indivisible.pdf
Interviews/Oral History Collection ag19interviews.pdf
Lectures, Writings, Manuscripts ag101_lectures.pdf
LIGHT Gallery ag194_light_gallery.pdf
LIGHT Gallery Miscellaneous Acquisitions ag276_light_gallery_misc_acq.pdf
Limelight Gallery ag74_gee_limelight_gallery.pdf
Limelight Gallery Miscellaneous Acquisitions ag248_gee_limelight_misc.pdf
Magnum Photos ag104_magnum.pdf
McGraw Colorgraph Company ag22_mcgraw_colorgraph.pdf
Miscellaneous Artwork Collection ag21_misc_artwork.pdf
New Documents Exhibition Collection ag99_new_documents.pdf
Oracle Conference ag110_oracle_conference.pdf
Pacific Press Service Collection ag141_pacific_press.pdf
Palm Press ag231_palm_press.pdf
Photographic Literature Collection ag82_photo_literature.pdf
Photographic Materials Collection ag100_photographic_materials_coll.pdf
Portraits of Photographers Collection ag73_portraits_of_photographers.pdf
Society for Photographic Education ag78_society_photographic_ed.pdf
Water in the West ag172water_in_the_west.pdf
Witkin Gallery Miscellaneous Acquisitions ag259_witkin_misc.pdf
Ylla ag138_ylla.pdf
A. Aubrey Bodine ag139_bodine.pdf
A. D. Coleman ag20_coleman.pdf
Aaron Siskind ag30_siskind.pdf
Aaron Siskind Foundation ag141_siskind_foundation.pdf
Aaron Siskind miscellaneous ag26_siskind_misc.pdf
Adolf Fassbender ag168_fassbender.pdf
Alfred Stieglitz miscellaneous ag129_stieglitzmisc.pdf
Alma Lavenson ag212_lavenson.pdf
Alma Lavenson Miscellaneous Acquisitions ag273_lavenson_misc_acq.pdf
Andreas Feininger ag53_feininger.pdf
Andreas Feininger miscellaneous ag205_feininger_misc.pdf
Ansel Adams ag31_adams.pdf
Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust ag203_aaprt.pdf
Anson Beman ag185_beman.pdf
Arnold Gassan ag58_gassan.pdf
Arthur Bell ag234_bell.pdf


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