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CCP Sessions: How to Create a Dynamic Collection of Photography in the 21st Century

Ahead of the premier international art fair Paris Photo, and with a keen eye on the new Paris Photo New York, Presented with AIPAD in 2020, we discuss insights and practices in collecting photography today with a panel of collectors from across North America.

Why collect photography, and where to begin? How are collectors influenced, and when is it prudent to formulate collection strategies? What are the pressing conversations taking place about the market of photography? Although the seemingly more accessible of the mediums, photography is situated inside of a dense, oftentimes daunting, art market. The buying and selling of art has long crisscrossed auctions, fairs, dealers and galleries, and with the move into new digital and global territories, possibilities in collecting photography have greatly increased, and dramatically evolved.

“How to Create a Dynamic Collection of Photography in the 21st Century” shares invaluable, first-hand perspectives on the twenty-first century conditions for collecting photography and on investing in the photographic medium. We will discuss the significance of collecting to the artistic practices and cultural institutions like the Center. The panel session also promises to make collecting photography more accessible — and demonstrate why it is so worthwhile — to art enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

Panelists for this CCP Session include Paula Ely, Richard Laugharn, and Louie Palu, and moderating will be Anne Breckenridge Barrett, Director of the Center for Creative Photography, Associate Vice President for the Arts.