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On the Line: Border Images from Two Perspectives

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Alejandra Platt Torres
c 2013
Alejandra Platt Torres
From the exhibition “A World Separated by Borders” showing at the Arizona State Museum through October 19

Photographers Alejandra Platt-Torres and David Taylor have spent years along the U.S.-Mexico border, each separately documenting the landscape and the people. Torres’ black and white work focuses on the plight of the migrants and portraits of indigenous people while Taylor examines the dramatic increase in security apparatus along the border. They will show and discuss their work in a forum moderated by Dr. Scott Whiteford, professor at the UA Center for Latin American Studies, whose current project focuses on globalization, borders, and environmental security in Latin America.

On the Line: Border Images from two Perspectives is co-sponsored by the Center for Creative Photography and the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.