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Members' Virtual Event: Members in Focus with Ernesto Esquer

Join us to learn about the emulsion lift technique with Ernesto Esquer as he guides you step-by-step. What is an emulsion lift you ask? Using the new Polaroid film, it is an image transfer process created by taking a freshly exposed Polaroid, slicing it open before it fully dries, peeling it apart carefully from the negative, and then submerging the positive in boiling water. This releases the exceptionally delicate film which can then be manipulated into any shape or form of your desire, onto an array of substrates.

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Ernesto Esquer is a photographic artist and printer from Tucson, Arizona. He actively works in all aspects of traditional darkroom photography and various alternative processes including instant film manipulations and chemical toning. He is interested in how process can influence and add meaning to a final form of the image and often combines materials in attempt to transform the photograph into a precious object.

He received his BFA in Studio Art, Photography Emphasis from the University of Arizona and is currently the Laboratory Specialist of Photography at Pima Community College. His second monograph Da Roma A Reggio, featuring a collection of photographs taken on his travels through Italy in the summer of 2018, was released by Dark Spring Press in 2020. He is represented by the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, California and the Ryan Gallery in Gilbert, Arizona.


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