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Photo Friday: Death

Photo Friday offers an exclusive themed selection from the Center’s renowned collection of photographs—unframed for close inspection in the second floor viewing room—every month.

Death…whether encountered suddenly or after long anticipation, all humanity interprets and responds to the inevitable in very diverse ways.  In honor of our local Día de los Muertos, this Photo Friday theme, and the images featured, capture the shock of sudden departures, the grieving of those left behind, the celebration of passage and the memorializing of those gone.  This viewing presents these very personal moments as interpreted/captured through the lens of artists W. Eugene Smith, Weegee, Rosalind Solomon, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Edward Weston, Danny Lyon, Flor Garduño, William Mortensen, Joel-Peter Wilkin, Graciela Iturbide, Ansel Adams, Cy Lehrer, Jerome Liebling, and Gail Scoff.