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Presentation by Presidential Scholar David Hume Kennerly

The Center is excited to welcome Presidential Scholar David Hume Kennerly for a presentation on his career in photojournalism, including special focus on his body of work on Senator John McCain.  The presentation will be followed by a conversation between Kennerly and Center Chief Curator Dr. Rebecca Senf. 

Kennerly has been a photographer on the front lines of history for six decades. He won the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for Feature Photography at the age of 25, and he later became the chief White House photographer during President Gerald R. Ford's administration. His body of work includes images from 12 presidential campaigns, several wars, including Vietnam, and many other significant historical moments. He was also a close friend of Ansel Adams.

The honorary Presidential Scholar appointment exemplifies the university's commitment to advancing the meaning and understanding of interdisciplinary work in the arts, humanities and social sciences – disciplines that are seen as critical to success in the emerging global economy.