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Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals

Charles Harbutt. Hotel, Vera Cruz
Charles Harbutt Archive/Gift of Sarah Harbutt and Ken Kerbs

The Center for Creative Photography is celebrating Charles Harbutt’s photographic work, and its relationship to the printed page. The exhibition will feature a complete set of prints from Harbutt’s newest publication, Departures and Arrivals, sequenced as they appear in the book, along with a short video in which Harbutt and Joan Liftin describe the book’s creative process. In addition, work prints from Harbutt’s 1959 trip to Cuba, demonstrating how he chronicled the earliest days of Castro’s leadership, the romance of revolution, and some American responses, are paired with working materials for a planned—but never published—book. A third exploration of Harbutt’s concern for the relationship between the photographic image and the printed page relates to his long career as a photojournalist. A slide show of over 150 photographs Harbutt made on assignment will be projected in sequence, revealing their drama and power. Related clippings and tear sheets, showing how these commercial works appeared in their original magazine contexts, complement the slide show and demonstrate this photographer’s ability to work both sides of the divide between art and commerce to arrive at an original vision.


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