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Photojournalism 20/20: A Think Tank for an Unimaginable Present

Robert Heinecken
Robert Heinecken Archive/Purchase

The first activation of the Center for Creative Photography’s Interdisciplinary Gallery was planned to be a close study of photojournalism, of how we can raise thoughtful, critical questions about the images in our news. Then 2020 swerved. Nearly overnight, photographs, together with videos and teleconferences, operated with renewed urgency. It was as though “lens-based culture” turned into our main connective tissue, all the while laying bare our disconnections.

During a period of physical confinement, worldwide protests for racial justice and systemic change, and a presidential election season, how do photographs in our news feeds help reveal the world around us? By the same token, how do photographs complicate how we see ourselves and one another? Reimagined as an in-progress think tank, Photojournalism 20/20: A Think Tank for an Unimaginable Present combines photographs, lectures, essays, and journals drawn from the Center’s collection with the latest about 2020 from mainstream news outlets, social media platforms, and thought leaders on photography-related topics.