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The Qualities of LIGHT: The Story of a Pioneering New York City Photography Gallery

BD Vidibor

This exhibition celebrating the legacies of LIGHT (1971-1987), a significant early photography gallery, focuses on characteristics identified by those who visited, worked, showed, and were impacted by the gallery. It draws heavily on archives at the Center for Creative Photography. Sections of the exhibition highlight LIGHT’s innovation, commitment to artists, focus on education, cultivation of community, and influence on the market, illustrated by photographic artworks, archival documentation, film or audio footage, installation views, period snapshots, and contemporary photographs, all chosen for their potential to illuminate. Educational programming is an integral component of the exhibition, offering visitors opportunities to better understand the critical period of the 1970s and 1980s within the history of photography and the seminal influence of LIGHT, as well as encouraging creative inquiry into broader ideas about the photographic market, artist legacies, and the nature of a research center and archive like the Center for Creative Photography.

Please note- the gallery will be closed to the public on Saturday, January 17 for the Legacies of LIGHT symposium. 

The accompanying symposium, Legacies of LIGHT- A Three Day Celebration, uses the immense influence of LIGHT, a contemporary fine-art photography gallery that operated in the 1970s and 1980s, as a starting point for a larger discussion about photography. Find more information here


Qualities of LIGHT Open Call Flat File Drawers

Earlier this year, the Center for Creative Photography invited photographers from across the globe to submit photographic artworks to be included in The Qualities of LIGHT: The Story of a Pioneering New York City Photography Gallery. This open call aimed to invoke the spirt of LIGHT Gallery, a hub for emerging and established photographers, by engaging artists working with the medium today. These submissions were reviewed by a panel of jurors comprised of Center for Creative Photography curatorial staff, former LIGHT directors, and other photographic community members. Each finalist was asked to send one artwork for inclusion in these flat file drawers.

Accepted photographs are displayed in flat file drawers in the Center’s gallery, a nod to the banks of flat file drawers that were present at LIGHT Gallery. Rather than faithfully recreate these drawers, restaging their content as it would have been at the time, we hope to invoke their intentions and impact by displaying a wide range of contemporary photographic production.

Below is a list of accepted photographers and their work.

The image table below is a work in progress! This message will be deleted when all content has been added. - CCP, 1/14/20

  Linda Alterwitz LG 5 from the series Lost Ground 2019 inkjet print, cotton gauze, surgical suture thread
  Ben Altman Act 3, Year Nine, August #5 2019 inkjet print
  David Anderson A Vision 2019

inkjet print

  Keliy Anderson-Staley Junior 2019

inkjet print

  Bill Armstrong After Robert Capa, The Fallen Soldier, 2019 2019 inkjet print
  Philip Augustin Negative #18-009-14 with Circular Photogram 2018 gelatin silver print
  Anne-Laure Autin Tub 2017 inkjet print
  Bob Avakian A Long Days Night 2016 inkjet print
  Jim Banks Oceano #6 (Oceano, California) 2012 inkjet print
  Terry Barczak LaGurida 2017 inkjet print
  Mary Ellen Bartley Cephalopods 2017

inkjet print

  Deborah Bay Triangle Theorem 2017 inkjet print
  Lindsey Beal Parturition: Anesthesia Mask 2016-2018 inkjet on Plexiglas plate
  Sheri Lynn Behr NYC-1 2012 inkjet print
  Clare Benson The Shepherd's Daughter 2012 inkjet print
  Damion Berger M/Y Serene, Ligurian Sea 2011 inkjet print
  Susan Berger Macon, GA 2009 gelatin silver print
  Brenda Biondo Paper Sky no. 27 2015 inkjet print
  Shelly Black Motel #7 2009 inkjet print
  Laurie Blakeslee Gene's Suits 2017 inkjet print
  Alexander Brauer Mount Lemmon Radio Towers 2017 inkjet print
  Stephanie Burchett Untitled 2016 inkjet print
  Brianna Calello Unlocked Looking (Chickens) 2017 inkjet print
  Jonathan Michael Castillo Casa De Cambio, Chicago (Cicero) 2017 inkjet print
  Jo Ann Chaus Kitchen Sink 2017 inkjet print
  Daniel Cheek Arizona 2012 gelatin silver print
  Tony Chirinos Hugs & Kisses 2010 gelatin silver print
  Marna Clarke With Parents - With Igor 2015 inkjet print
  Miguel Coelho Bridge #02, from the series Structures 2018 inkjet print
  Drew Cornwall The Barber 2016 inkjet print
  Francis Crisafio HOLDUP in the HOOD 2016 inkjet print
  Matthew Cronin Dwelling #8 2019 inkjet print
  John D'Agostino Panda Chase 2015 inkjet print
  Frank Day Sunsport Red Windows


inkjet print
  Sean Deckert Passage 2 2017 inkjet print
  Malcolm Easton Close to the Edge 2017 inkjet print
  Yael Eban Caesarea 2019 inkjet print
  Ernesto Esquer Still Life, Scilla, Italy 2018 gelatin silver print
  Stacey Evans Home, Cardinal Amtrak Route 2013 inkjet print
  Tom Finke Mount Koya Cog Railway, Wahayama, Japan 2009 gelatin silver print
  Nancy Floyd Untitled, 100 On the Playa 2019 inkjet print
  Lisa Foote Land of Milk and Honey (Los Angeles) 2018 inkjet print
  Jody Forster Clearing Winter Storm (Ortiz Mountains, New Mexico) 2010 gelatin silver print
  Randi Ganulin Constellation: An Origin Myth 2015 inkjet print
  Jane Gittings-Robert Align 2013 inkjet print
  Meggan Gould  iPads: B's 2013 inkjet print
  Meg Griffiths Sieve of the universe 2018 inkjet print
  Kip Harris South Shore Suite: March 30, 2018 2018 inkjet print
  Chuck Hemard #3 Lee County, AL 2016 inkjet print
  Dave Hoffman Post 1978 inkjet print
  Scott Hopkins Ambos Nogales: Looking across the border wall from Nogales, Sonora to Nogales, Arizona 2018 inkjet print
  Kevin Hoth Peak 2016 inkjet print
  Joseph Hud Grant Road 2017 inkjet print
  Karen Hymer Age and Seduction Remnants 277 2015 photogravure
  Ellie Ivanova Hidden Metrics ID 17 2016 inkjet print
  Dominika Jackuliakova Lombard, from the series 4500 feet 2018 gelatin silver print
  Matthew Jensen Braided River, Tributary 2016 chromogenic print
  Joe Johnson Tracks In Snow 2013 inkjet print
  Kate Joyce PLANE (Grid) 2017 inkjet print
  Yoichi Kawamura Orange Beach Chairs    
  Jeffrey P. Kerrin it's all @ the journey 2019 inkjet print, cotton gauze, surgicke suture thread
  Martha Ketterer Remember 4 2019 inkjet print
  Tom Kiefer Shoelaces, Red 2017 inkjet print
  John Kitts Desert Prince 2015 platinum/palladium print
  Kent B. Krugh French Impressions No. 22 2016 inkjet print
  Joe Labate Italy 2019 inkjet print
  Molly Lamb Untitled 9 from Take Care of Your Sister 2016 inkjet print
  Laurie Lambrecht Bathing Beauties Blue 1990 inkjet print
  Dennis Lane Black Obsidian Bi-Point Knife 2019 platinum/palladium print
  Eddie Lanieri Giselle 2011 inkjet print
  Isa Leshko Buddy, Appaloosa Horse, Age 28 from Allowed to Grow Old 2015 inkjet print
  Juan Rodrigo Llaguno El Parque 34 2006 inkjet print
  Rhonda Lashley Lopez Romance 2017 inkjet print
  Rita Maas Canon CLI-226BK  2018 inkjet print
  Mike Maloney Church 2019 inkjet print
  Andy Mattern Average Subject / Medium Distance #5410 (Shadows) 2018 inkjet print
  Stuart McCall Discontinuous Spectrums - Underpass 2009 inkjet print
  Lisa McCarty Marfa Bisected 2018 inkjet print
  Robbie McClaran Mica Dam, Uppermost Dam on the Columbia River, British Columbia 2017 gelatin silver print
  Anne Arden  McDonald Asteroids 2015 gelatin silver print
  Monika Merva Stairwell 2019 inkjet print
  Stephen Milanowski  Ballerinas, Middleton Good Neighbor Parade  2008 inkjet print
  Joanne Miller Vultures from series Living on the Edge 2009 selenium-toned gelatin silver print
  Alyssa Minahan Untitled 2019 unfixed gelatin silver print
  Charles Mintz Pat C 2016 inkjet print
  Bruce Morton MEN - Shannon 2018 inkjet print
  Bruce Myren N 40° 00' 00" W 87° 00' 00"  Crawfordsville, Indiana 2012 inkjet print
  Rebecca Najdowski Ambient Pressure 4 2018 inkjet print
  Kim Newton Traditional Wedding 2013 inkjet print
  George Nobechi Visitor Center, Great Sand Dunes National Park 2016 inkjet print
  David Pace Sur La Route 2013 inkjet print
  Rebecca Palmer Pomegranate Leaves, Curve from the series Finding Light 1986/2016 inkjet print
  Ryan Parker Containers, Bozeman, MT 2018 inkjet print
  Mark Peterman Birds Fly at Sundown 2012 inkjet print
  Jordan Putt Bilby Road After the Monsoon 2018 inkjet print
  Mary Quin Projection 2019 platinum/palladium print
  Francois Robert Natacha at Sunset 1975 gelatin silver print
  Stuart Rome H-16-25-8 from the series Oculus 2016/2019 gelatin silver print
  Ken Rosenthal A Dream Half Remembered 2005 split-toned gelatin silver print
  J. Connor Sacks Dan the Shepard 2019 gelatin silver print
  Chris Sauer Savage Beach Page 3 2016 mixed media
  Jennifer Schlesinger HERE NOR THERE #17 2012 albumen print
  Wendi Schneider Crescent Moon 2018 pigment ink on vellum over white gold leaf
  Dona Schwartz Bobby and Kevin, Waiting to Adopt 2012 inkjet print
  Martina Shenal Mt. Omuro (burn) Shizuoka Prefecture 2014 inkjet print
  Paul Sisson Next Auction 2013 inkjet print
  Wendy Small Before the Details #4 2017 gelatin silver print
  Rylan Steele Spelling Bee 2018 inkjet print
  Laurinda Stockwell Bright Bird Brain (Flickerhead) 2012 inkjet print
  Elizabeth Stone M1 2014 inkjet print
  Monika Sziladi Untitled (Fall I) 2014-2015 inkjet print
  Marie Teemant Old, New, Borrowed, Blue 2019 inkjet print
  Brad Temkin Diffusers - Los Angeles, CA 2018 inkjet print
  William Karl Valentine Officers Naum Ware and Derin Craddolph during search warrant for rock cocaine sales - Pasadena Police Department (PPD-117 #23) 1987 inkjet print
  B.A. Van Sise The Cuban National Circus 2016 inkjet print
  Claire A.  Warden No. 15 (Genetics) 2016 inkjet print
  Naomi White Time Capsules from the Anthropocene #1 2019 inkjet print
  Don Whitebread Cloudy Star Tracks Over the Black Rock Desert 2016 inkjet print
  Becky Wilkes Fallen Glory 2017 inkjet print
  Sara J. Winston Flowers for Ruth (Prized Possessions) 2019 inkjet print
  Dylan Yarbrough Island 2019 inkjet print
Image Artist Name Title Date Medium
Linda Alterwitz LG 5 from the series Lost Ground 2019

inkjet print, cotton gauze, surgical suture thread

Ben Altman Act 3, Year Nine, August #5 2019 inkjet print