Encounters 7
The Waving of Foliage and the Coming and Going of Ships
Live Projections by Richard Torchia

Application: This guide provides ideas for incorporating the exhibition of Richard Torchia's camera obscura projections into your curriculum. With an emphasis on the origins of photography, the nature of light and perception, and an artist's reaction to our desert environment, the exhibition will complement classroom study such as art, photography, language arts, optical science, astronomy, history, literature, and composition.


Exhibitions at the Center for Creative Photography: The Center mounts six to ten major exhibitions each year. Some present work from our own collection; others present borrowed work or a combination of work from the collection and borrowed work; some are traveling exhibitions organized by other museums, galleries, or artists; and some, such as in this case, are created specifically for exhibition at the Center. The Waving of Foliage and the Coming and Going of Ships: Live Projections by Richard Torchia is the latest in the Center's ongoing Encounters series. The Center sponsored the creation of five new works by Torchia as part of its ongoing recognition of innovation and original expression in contemporary art photography. Richard Torchia is a Philadelphia-based artist who has produced and exhibited lightworks made with lenses, most often camera obscura projections, for nearly a decade. Featuring his most recent work, this is his first full-scale solo museum exhibition.

The exhibition is supported in part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

created February 1997 - - credits