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CCP Temporary Gallery Closure

Center for Creative Photography Exhibition Deinstallation FAQs

The Center for Creative Photography’s gallery is currently closed for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repairs. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


Why is the CCP gallery closed?

The air handler that serves the CCP gallery conditions outside air to create preservation-safe indoor temperatures and humidity levels for photographic materials on display in the gallery. On Tuesday, December 8, the equipment that controls the humidity in the gallery stopped functioning. No other areas of the CCP building were affected. Wednesday, December 9 the exhibition Lives of Pictures was deinstalled to move the exhibition objects to a climate controlled storage space.


Why is humidity in the gallery important?

Works of art on paper, such as photographs, absorb and release moisture depending on the relative humidity of the surrounding air. As the relative humidity in a space increases, objects absorb more water; as it decreases they release moisture. Uncontrolled humidity can cause frequent, and potentially extreme, changes in a photograph’s moisture content. Such changes can cause physical damage. Therefore, it is critical for photographs to be stored and displayed in temperature and humidity controlled environments to prevent damage/deterioration caused by environmental conditions.


When will the gallery reopen?

Given the University of Arizona winter closure (December 24 – January 3), and the need for custom manufactured parts to make the necessary HVAC repairs the gallery will not reopen until mid/late January 2016. It is our goal to reinstall the exhibition as soon as the humidity equipment is repaired and we can once again provide a safe and stable preservation environment for objects on display.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015
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