Core Values

The Center for Creative Photography is excited to introduce a new set of Core Values. The staff and leadership crafted these guiding principles to inform all our work, from the largest projects to day-to-day tasks. The values are the heart of what we stand for and what defines us as an institution. We are planning our next chapter, and as we do, these values shall serve to keep us mission driven and focused on long term success. In the coming months you’ll see new projects and initiatives within (and just outside!) our walls. We hope you’ll join us as we showcase how Photography Lives Here.


We are expanding the history of photography; we honor the founding ideals of our institution while responding to the current moment.


We work in service of a world class collection; we strive to meet the highest standard in everything we do.


We perform our work with respect, accountability, responsibility, and in adherence to the highest ethical standards.


We foster a climate of exchange and cooperation between our staff, campus, community, and peers, rooted in a shared appreciation of the Center.


The principles of equity and inclusion shall inform and guide the CCP’s work in all areas.


To ensure sustainability we direct resources to balance the needs of preservation and access to serve the collections we hold in the public trust.


We are a community of learning: we produce new knowledge, train emerging professionals, facilitate and present interdisciplinary scholarship, and share our expertise with a diverse public.


We promote photography’s enduring legacy and continued evolution by making our collection accessible through exhibitions, publications, research, loans, licensing, and digital initiatives.