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Voices of Photography: Interviews, Lectures, Symposia, Workshops, 1975-present

Interviews, lectures, gallery walk-throughs, symposia, and workshops with photographers, curators, and scholars who have visited the Center for Creative Photography.

Under the direction of Program Coordinator Harold Jones, Professor Emeritus, the Voices of Photography (VOP) conducts interviews with photographers whose archives are at the CCP; people who have knowledge and experience with the lives and work of photographers; photographers and historians sharing their views about the evolution of contemporary photography; and past and present directors, curators, and staff of photographic institutions. These interviews are filmed in various places and are researched, planned, and conducted by the Coordinator and can be identified by “VOP” in the title.

All are available to the public through the Laura Volkerding Study Center.

Voices of Photography: 1975-present, Inventory



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