Conditions for Research Use

Conditions for use of research materials from the Center's collections.

CCP Research Scan(s) and/or Digital Prints made by the Center’s Imaging & Digitization Lab are intended solely for scholarly research or educational purposes and are not for reproduction.

Presentation is expressly restricted to on campus, classroom environment, and lecture use only, and does not include any for-fee or commercial/non-class environment presentation or display.

Distribution, publication or reproduction of any kind, in any media form, electronic or otherwise, is expressly not authorized.

By making payment for and/or accepting delivery of CCP Research Scans and/or Digital Prints, recipient affirms that such materials are for research or educational use only and accepts full responsibility for any infringement of copyright, which protects these images from unlawful use.

Full acceptance and adherance to the conditions for use as listed above are required for the use of photographs in the CCP archives and print collection. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in an assessment of collection use fees at twice the current commercial rates and additionally, may expose user to other fees and remedies as pursued by the copyright owner(s).


Image Resources and Copyright Management