Announcing the David Hume Kennerly Archive

The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona announces the acquisition of the David Hume Kennerly Archive. Kennerly’s contribution to the field of photojournalism is unparalleled and the Center for Creative Photography is poised and proud to steward this critical body of work.

Adding the Kennerly Archive to our collection allows the Center to connect the relevance of Kennerly’s work to the photographic legacies we house. It is a critical contribution to the Center’s commitment to expanding the understanding of the role photography plays in today’s society.

David Hume Kennerly is an active and dynamic photojournalist who is continually adding new work to the Kennerly Archive, including his coverage of the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign. This ongoing work provides unique opportunity for the Center and the University of Arizona to engage with current and developing critical issues of our nation through the photographer’s lens.

The Kennerly Archive is available for students and scholars today, and for future generations to come, and is an important addition to the educational discourse of the University of Arizona and beyond. It is fitting that the archive find its home at the very place founded by his colleague, friend, and world-renowned photographer, Ansel Adams.

Anne Breckenridge Barrett, M.A., J.D.
Associate Vice President for the Arts | Director, Center for Creative Photography

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"The images captured by David Hume Kennerly document some of the most important moments in history over the past 50 years and they have changed how several generations have viewed the world. We are honored to have David share his experience with our students and community."

Robert C. Robbins, University of Arizona President