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Donating Photographs or Archival Materials

Donating Photographs or Archival Materials to the CCP

Since its founding in 1975, the CCP has been dedicated to preserving the history of photography and celebrating the medium as it continues to evolve. With this goal in mind, and largely through the generosity its donors, the CCP has assembled one of the world’s most significant collections of fine print photographs, books, and archival materials related to modern North American photography. Join us as we continue to grow our collection! Your gift of artwork will become part of photography’s enduring legacy at the CCP.

Please contact Diana Chávez, Assistant Registrar for Acquisitions at  520-621-7969 or


Q: How does the CCP decide to acquire material?

A: The CCP is committed to the principle that all collecting be done according to the highest standards of ethical and professional practice, and in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal legislation, as well as international agreements. New acquisitions must be consistent with the CCP’s Mission Statement and Collecting Plan, and are selected to enhance the cultural and educational value of the Collection with a view toward their utilization in scholarship, exhibitions, and publications. The CCP Acquisitions Committee review material and makes acquisitions decisions quarterly.

Q: What are the steps needed to donate material to the CCP?

A: First, the potential donor makes contact with the CCP. While some potential donations may come to the CCP through contact with the Curatorial Department, CCP’s Associate Registrar is the main contact for potential donations.  The Associate Registrar collects information to provide to the Curatorial, Conservation, and Archives departments, including size, medium, and provenance of the artwork. If the potential gift is determined to fall within the CCP’s Mission and Collecting Plan, the Associate Registrar will arrange shipping of the work to CCP for evaluation by the Acquisitions Committee. In order to ship the work here, a temporary loan agreement must be signed by both the CCP and the donor. The Associate Registrar will then complete the gifting process if the donation moves forward.

Q: Can I just send my donation to the CCP first?

A: The CCP cannot accept unsolicited donations on site or through the mail and retains the right to refuse any such shipments or deliveries. In order for CCP to collect responsibly and with best practice in mind, proposed donations must be evaluated prior to shipment. Accepting such unsolicited donations violates the CCP’s collections management policy.