Director's Circle

The Director's Circle is a leadership giving level which provides support to further the Center's priorities of access, investment, and engagement.

Circle members support the Director's initiatives, providing the resources the Director needs to respond quickly to unique opportunities that support the core priorities of the Center for Creative Photography. All unrestricted gifts of $3,000 or more annually qualify for membership in the Director's Circle.

Director’s Circle members enjoy all Patron Level benefits, plus:
• Private tours of exhibitions with Director and/or Chief Curator prior to exhibition opening
• Annual conversation about collecting plan and new acquisitions
• Director’s Circle only trips
• Annual Directors circle only receptions with visiting artists and scholars
• Director's Circle Limited Edition Benefit Portfolio Print ($400 value, not tax deductible)
• Annual private behind the scenes tour of collections, archive and conservation
• Names Listed on CCP website
• Names Listed on CCP donor wall (upcoming)
• Thanked at all public programs
• $2,480 is tax deductible

There are many ways to join the Director's Circle:

  • Join online here
  • Download, complete and mail the Membership Form to: 1030 N. Olive Road, P.O. Box 210103, Tucson, AZ 85721-0103
  • Make an unrestricted gift from a retirement account, publicly traded security, or other fund. 
  • For questions and other ways to join, contact Tilghman Moyer at 520-626-1512 or

Tilghman Moyer

Executive Director of Development

Mr. James and Mrs. Frances Allen

Mr. Christopher J. Herbert and Ms. Nancy E. Welch
Mr. Jett and Mrs. Julia Anderson Mr. Paul Hertzmann and Mrs. Susan Herzig
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Alice Baker Ms. Courtney Johnson
Ms. Susan Berger and Mr. Robert Lanier Mr. Michael Jorgensen and Mr. Michael Haykin
Dr. Patricia Brooks and Dr. Malcolm Compitello Mr. Daniel P. and Mrs. Penny Kautz
Mr. Archibald and Mrs. Laura Brown Mr. David and Mrs. Rebecca Hume Kennerly
Drs. Gail D. Burd and Mr. John Hildebrand Dr. Thomas W. Lentz
Mr. Matt Carlton and Mr. Timothy Olcott Mr. Max McCauslin and Mr. John Smith
Mr. John M. Carlton Ms. Patricia Carr Morgan
Mr. Alfred D. Chandler and Ms. Susan E. Chandler  Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Judith Riskind
Dr. John L. Compton Mr. Brice and Mrs. Tina Samuel
Ms. Kassie Davis and Mr. Bruce Beatus Dr. John P. Schaefer
Dr. John Umbreit and Dr. MJ Demetras Mr. Andrew Smith

Mr. Terry and Mrs. Mary Ellen Etherton

Ms. Lynn Stern

Ms. Vivian Fung

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Mary Timpany

Mr. Patric and Mrs. Gail Giclas Mr. Tingley Tyler
Mr. Gregory Gille and Ms. Barbara Haman Mr. Ken and Mrs. Pam Tracey
Mrs. Louise Glasser Ms. Susan VonKersburg
Mr. Tim and Ms. Meg Hagyard