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Services for Publishers

The Center can provide both licensing and reproduction scans for artists whose copyrights are either owned or managed by the Center. See Copyright.

For all other copyrights, reproduction scans for publication require written permission from the photographer or copyright holder before your request can be processed. Contact information is often available via the web or other resources. If assistance is needed, our staff may be able to provide contact and address information. Reproductions are for one-time use only and must be returned within thirty days of publication.

To initiate a request with us:

  1. Review our conditions for general use. Additional conditions and terms of use specific to your project may apply, and will be provided with the licensing invoice.
  2. Complete either a Request for Print or Digital Publication or a Request for Film, Television or Mobile App Use.

Review our current fees and allow 4-6 weeks for processing your request.

Fees for Publisher Materials

Publishing Materials Commercial Rate Non-profit Rate (e.g. Museum, University-affiliated Press, or 501c3)
High resolution Reproduction file (TIFF format) $75 each $60 each
Electronic Delivery (via email, FTP upload or File delivery service) $5 each (up to a max of $15 total) $5 each (up to a max of $15 total)
Image Disc Media (per disc) $5 each, plus shipping $5 each, plus shipping
FedEx (disc) $12.00 (domestic); $45.00 (international) $12.00 (domestic); $45.00 (international)

All scans are provided solely and specifically for one-time reproduction. Scans of photographs acquired for one-time reproduction purposes may not be digitally archived by the client, publisher, any subcontractor and/or agent who may be working on this project.

Fees for Licensing (English Language, with North American distribution)

These fees reflect an average range of print-use fees based on editorial use for a commercial print run up to 40,000, and non-profit rate print runs of 5,000 or less. It does not address solely-digital or film use, advertising, or retail product licensing. Please inquire for individual quotes for such projects.

Image size (relative to page) Commercial Rate (per image) Non-profit Rate (per image) (e.g. Museum, University-affiliated Press, or 501c3)
Quarter Page $300 $100
Half Page $350 $150
Three Quarter Page $400 $200
Full Page $500 $250
Front Cover, Minimum $1,500 $500
Back Cover, Minimum $1,000 $300

Additional Fees/Services (as applicable)

  • World Distribution rights in the English language: 50% additional
  • Foreign language rights: 25% additional for each language
  • One foreign language only (i.e. not English): 25% discount from licensing baseline
  • eBook (when ordered in conjunction with print edition): 50% additional

Contact Us

For individual quotes, higher print runs, or other information or assistance, contact us at or 520-621-9489.