Members' Virtual Event: Looking to the Sky with Dr. Vishnu Reddy

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7 p.m. to 8 p.m. June 30, 2020

Dr. Vishnu Reddy is a professor of planetary sciences at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. An avid photographer since his childhood, Dr. Reddy combines his passion for astronomy and photography by taking photographs of the night sky through his backyard observatory and homebuilt darkroom. The members-only event will focus on a private tour of Dr. Reddy’s backyard observatory and darkroom and will end in a demonstration of making a silver print of the moon in the darkroom. The print will be raffled off to members participating in the event. Register here today! 

Did we mention Dr. Reddy is a CCP Member? We thank him for his generous contributions as a member and friend of the CCP. Not a member yet? Learn more here.