Artist Talk: Ghosts of Segregation with Rich Frishman (Virtual Pre-Recorded Talk)

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EDD’S DRIVE-IN; Pascagoula, Mississippi 2019 ,  ​ ​ © Rich Frishman, 
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Noon Dec. 28, 2021

Photographer Rich Frishman discusses his series Ghosts of Segregation with Audrey Sands, Norton Family Assistant Curator of Photography. In the ongoing project, Frishman explores the vestiges of segregation, slavery, and institutionalized racism as seen in America’s built environment. Since 2018, Frishman has traversed the country photographing formerly segregated theater entrances, schools, saloons, and neighborhoods, as well as historic sites of racialized violence. Each picture in this series is composed of hundreds of separate overlapping photographs, which he later “stitches” together to produce highly detailed and immersive prints.

This conversation is organized in conjunction with the exhibition Freedom Must Be Lived: Marion Palfi’s America, 1940-1978, organized by the Center for Creative Photography and on view at Phoenix Art Museum through January 2, 2022.

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