David Hume Kennerly: Witness to History- Pop-Up Exhibition

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5 p.m. Oct. 10, 2019 to 5 p.m. Oct. 13, 2019

As a featured component of the University of Arizona’s Family Weekend 2019, the Center for Creative Photography has designed its first-ever outdoor pop-up exhibition.  Including 63 images by photojournalist David Hume Kennerly (b. 1947), the exhibition shows the Pulitzer-prize winning photographer’s breadth of subjects.  Included are his early political pictures of Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford; entertainment images including Mick Jagger, Miles Davis, and Jerry Seinfeld; sports figures Mary Lou Retton, Mohammed Ali, and Carl Lewis; recent political figures President Donald Trump, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former President Jimmy Carter; and news events including a space shuttle lift off, presidential inaugurations, and a chilling view of the Penatgon on 9/11.

Kennerly has documented momentous events for newspaper and magazine publications, and as photographer to President Gerald Ford, for over fifty years. His photographs bring us closer to the world leaders who made the news, and to those impacted by their actions.

The pop-up exhibition will complement an exhibition of 25 of his fine art prints on display in the University of Arizona's Old Main, including a tender view of Arizonan Linda Ronstadt, profound pictures of Vietnam soldiers, an early color portrait of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Kennerly’s prize-winning frame of the Mohammad Ali-Joe Frazier fight.

The Center for Creative Photography is excited to be integrated into the activities of this popular fall event.  It is a powerful opportunity for Kennerly's work to be introduced to the campus community for students, parents, staff, faculty, and visitors to experience and enjoy.

Learn more about the David Hume Kennerly Archive.

Presented by Bank of America, Marshall Foundation, Arizona Arts, and Center for Creative Photography