Trios: Looking Close at Three New Acquisitions

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Protester with his arms up in a crowd
Hands Up Don't Shoot,  captured 2016; print 2021, © Terrell Groggins My Art My Rules,  Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona: Center for Creative Photography Photojournalism Fund
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10 a.m. Feb. 5, 2022 to 4:30 p.m. March 26, 2022

Small front room of main gallery

During the last four years, the Center for Creative Photography created a process and funding source for diversifying our collection. We began by analyzing existing holdings, determined strengths, and identified where underrepresented artists and gaps in the collection existed. It was clear that there were many perspectives, as well as a range of contemporary voices, not represented in our holdings. Through three auctions of duplicate holdings in our collection, the Center funded an endowment which is being used to purchase work to diversify the collection. This exhibition of new acquisitions presents three rotations of three artworks each and serves as our first opportunity to share these new works with our community.  

Trios: Looking Close at Three New Acquisitions offers a concentrated opportunity for visitors to know some of the Center’s newest works. Each photograph is shared along with an observation from a member of the CCP staff and student staff, and a statement from the artist. Our intention is to open a valuable space for contemplation, close looking, and reflection with singular works of art. Designed to be an evolving exhibition, we will reinstall in February and March, sharing three new prints each time. Tapping into the global slow art movement that promotes quality experiences with art, we share prompts to support extended exploration of each work in the gallery. Visitors are invited to share their experience by posting to social media and tagging #CCPSlowArt or adding their comment on an in-gallery Slow Art wall.  

In the early months of 2022, as the Center reopens the front room of our main galleries for the first time since our pandemic-related closure in March 2020, we find ourselves in a unique situation. Our building and digital infrastructure are undergoing renovations to improve our ability to care for the collections and make them accessible. This process will be explored and illustrated through text and image in the gallery as well. Although much of our main galleries are impacted in that process, they will reopen to the public fully in January of 2023.